It takes sustainable action to be successful on the long term. Our sustainability activities within the BAUER Group are combined under the keyword B.sustainable. Our sustainability policy is oriented based on the four objectives of corporate policy:

  • The optimum efficiency (profitability)
  • The confidence of our customers (quality)
  • The safety, health and satisfaction of our employees (safety)
  • The eco-friendliness of our actions and our products (environmental protection)


We are committed to sustainability in all divisions of our company. In our segments, we work continually on operating activities for further improvement when it comes to protecting the climate and the environment. 

In construction and equipment manufacturing, we give top priority to the topics of energy efficiency, durability and careful use of resources. This is equally true for the new development and enhancement of our methods as well as for products. We strive to make specialist foundation engineering even more sustainable in terms of noise, material consumption and CO2 emissions. Our Mixed-in-Place method, for example, requires lower material use compared to other applications and also involves less transportation, thereby considerably reducing CO2 overall. With a view to our equipment, we are working on further optimization of fuel consumption, reduction of noise and CO2 emissions as well as the development of alternative drives. 

Taking on social responsibility

Moreover, in the Resources segment we offer sustainable solutions with which we are facing the challenges of the future. In addition, we aim to further expand our already inherently sustainable business model in the area of geothermal energy and with regard to methods for the preparation of raw materials. Last but not least, we make a significant contribution to reducing environmental impacts with the professional disposal of contaminated soils and slurries, and the biological cleaning of polluted water.

Sustainability also means taking on social responsibility. We shoulder this responsibility each and every day. With our products and services, we are building the foundation for future generations. Our goal is to create a more livable future.


The prime responsibility for the development of the BAUER Group lies with the Group Executive Board and with the management of the main companies in the Geotechnical Solutions, Equipment and Resources segments. Together with the representatives from the areas of Sustainability, Corporate Communications and Group Accounting and Controlling, they make up the Group CSR Steering Committee, which actively manages the key activities relating to sustainability.

Materiality analysis

Based on the 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, we have carried out a materiality analysis. To this end, we identified twelve sustainability aspects from the areas of environmental, social and governance values. We subjected these twelve aspects to a materiality analysis. In this context, we considered two perspectives: On the one hand, we analyzed the effects on future business activity (opportunities and risks) and on the other hand, the effects of the business activity on people and the environment (positive and negative impacts) were considered.

Energy and climate protection

A large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions are created by the generation and use of fossil energy sources. For the BAUER Group, the careful and efficient use of energy sources is a key starting point for climate protection along the entire value chain.

Climate change adaptation

The effects of climate change are no longer avoidable. For this reason, we have to adopt appropriate measures. Areas of action include the consequences of extreme weather, flood protection or the protection of risk groups, as well as adjustments to the working conditions of employees. We aim to make a significant contribution for society on a global level with our products and services.

Occupational health and safety

In our understanding, this encompasses all measures that are employed for prevention as well as follow-up in order to prevent, minimize or eliminate risks to people.

Water resources

Due to growing scarcity of water resources, measures must be taken to maintain the availability and quality of water.

Ethics management (corruption and bribery)

The BAUER Group has defined binding rules of contact within the Group. These include legal compliance, anti-corruption and anti-bribery, ethics, conflicts of interest, human rights and anti-discrimination.

Corporate governance

The BAUER Group has defined binding rules of contact within the Group. These include legal compliance, anti-corruption and anti-bribery, ethics, conflicts of interest, human rights and anti-discrimination.

Sustainability strategy

Sustainability strategy

For many years, sustainable actions have shaped the culture foundations of our family company. Sustainability with all its various aspects is also taking on a larger role in the public perception. All sustainability activities in the BAUER Group are combined and coordinated under the name B.sustainable. We have initiated a comprehensive strategy process for our Group and the segments in order to convert our understanding and our activities into a strategic organizational and operational structure. 

Downloads - CSR Policy

Downloads - Sustainability reports

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