Our Values

At Bauer, there are people from more than 100 countries collaborating worldwide – in various divisions and roles, in different countries, with diverse ideas, strengths and interests. Our success is based on this strong international team and a diverse workforce that drives us forward. The diversity of the people at our company is one of our greatest strengths and one of the reasons why we are able to look back at more than 230 years of history. 

The focus on people

Down-to-earth and family-based – that’s how the Bauer management has been guiding the company’s destiny for generations. And we can all feel it! Although we have long since grown into a large corporation, our company culture fosters the interpersonal dynamics of a mid-sized company. “A down-to-earth attitude” has always been our core philosophy. Acting sensibly is the guiding principle for our activities. All employees contribute to the bigger picture of our success.

We also take on responsibilities beyond the limits of our company. For many years, we have assisted social projects at our locations worldwide that are promoted by people in our environment. In particular, we are committed to projects that assist with the education and training of children. We take on responsibility not only as a company. Many of our employees engage in volunteer work during their free time. In the area of technology, we work closely together with universities and research institutions.

Our Values


We put people first. We interact on equal footing and treat each other with respect and honesty. Maintaining a positive attitude, we work together in trusting collaboration with our employees, customers and partners.


We enthusiastically develop ideas and sustainable solutions for the challenges of the future. Our international experience and many years of expertise provide the foundation for our innovative capacity.

A down-to-earth attitude

As a family business, we are committed to acting sensibly and responsibly. We make our decisions pragmatically and with an eye on the big picture.


We rely on mutual trust and encourage each other to make decisions independently. We overcome challenges together as a team. The foundation of our actions are integrity, reliability and correct conduct.


As an internationally operating company, we are open to new ideas and have the courage to make changes. The diversity of cultures and the variety of people at our company make us who we are.

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