The BAUER Group is associated with the most difficult and largest foundation tasks around the world, which are executed with powerful, innovative and highly efficient equipment. We have also made a name for ourselves in environmental services. Our companies successfully manage projects for water and natural resources worldwide. Our skills and know-how form the foundation for our success and the trust our customers place in us.

It’s the people who drive innovation in the BAUER Group. Teams pull together and achieve the impossible. The drive to continually improve and develop is a firmly anchored component of our company culture. We continually expand limits.

Research Community

Our drive is to improve and develop. The Bauer Research Community develops innovative products and services. In this regard, it builds on the innovative spirit of our employees. Working together with them, we embody our slogan “Passion for Progress”. After all, innovation and progress are essential in order to compete on the market.

We have already launched numerous research and development projects with the Bauer Research Community. One focus is the area of sustainability: CO2 reduction, noise reduction and resource conservation are key goals of our development work. In this way, we aim to further minimize our impact on the environment. Our drilling rigs are equipped with noise-diverting flaps, auger cleaners and low-noise Kelly bars. For geothermal activation of our mixed soils, which we construct using our Mixed-in-Place method, we received the Bavarian Innovation Award. 

BAUER Cube System

We are frontrunners in cutter technology for specialist foundation engineering. As market leaders in the manufacture of diaphragm walls, we are able to draw on an enormous range of components and knowledge during the development process. With the BAUER Cube System, we are pushing limits once again. The BAUER Cube System is an all-round talent, fully electric and compact, developed for use in the most compact spaces. Including the hose drum system, it fits in three conventional 20 foot tall cube containers. Fewer construction vehicles are required, so large-scale closures of urban areas are no longer necessary. As a result, great things can be created below ground, while life on the surface goes about its usual everyday business. What’s more, the BAUER Cube System is resource-efficient and generates less dust and noise. This benefits people and the environment.

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Bauer Resources is one of 16 companies that are part of the growth initiative “smood – smart neighborhood.” As part of a research project, this initiative is working on innovative solutions for the energy-efficient rehabilitation of older neighborhoods. To do so, gravel aquifers near the surface are structurally developed to provide heat storage. The advantage of this sustainable form of heat supply is that it is resource-efficient as well as economically competitive. In this way, we are making a contribution to the energy transition and climate change mitigation. 

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Efficient irrigation of agricultural land – from the spring to the root

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Clean water should not be taken for granted. Former refineries, gas plants, gas stations, tank farms, or contaminated deposits contaminate the groundwater in many places. The EcoVert® technology from Bauer Resources is an innovative and sustainable solution for groundwater cleaning. What makes it unique: Eco­Vert® is based on a purely biological method. It cleans the groundwater of various contaminants in an energy-efficient, sustainable and safe manner. EcoVert® relies on a one-of-a-kind technology. Two vertical bio filters make up the centerpiece of the EcoVert® method. We pump the contaminated water from the ground for treatment and clear it of harmful substances by means of two filters with the aid of millions of microorganisms. 

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