Ethics Management

Our company’s success is based on people – our employees as well as our customers and partners. Our values program creates the basis for trusting collaboration. Ethics management is anchored in the general guidelines of our Group. This applies for all companies in the BAUER Group. When new employees start work, we familiarize them with our values and our principles of conduct. Regular training provides guidance to our employees about how to implement our company values during daily work. 

Code of Conduct for the BAUER Group

With our products and services we are present in many markets in the world. Hence, it is important for us that our clients, partners, subcontractors, suppliers, employees, investors and creditors, shareholders and the public see us as a company with a positive and uniform image based on shared values.

The following values are of particular importance for the employees of the BAUER Group: 

  • Appreciation
  • Innovation
  • Down to earth attitude
  • Responsibility
  • Openness

We do not believe that you have to “play dirty” to win, but are convinced that, in the long run, correct and fair play is the best recipe for sustainable success.

We comply with national and international laws, regulations and standards, and always conduct our business with integrity.

We do not tolerate corruption, manipulation, anti-competitive behavior, import and export of illegal goods and other unlawful conduct in any of our companies in the world. Violations of our internal regulations can harm the entire BAUER Group and its employees, including the Managing Directors and the Management Board.

We know that fair and correct behavior cannot be codified solely in national and international laws and regulations. It is also based on convention, tradition, ethical conviction and religious beliefs.

With our Ethics Management System, we assure our customers and business partners that we will be an honest and trustworthy partner now and in future.

Whistleblower system

Part of the role of our ethics management system is to give our employees, as well as third parties (particularly our customers and suppliers) the opportunity to report tips regarding potential legal and regulatory violations and submit them for monitoring. Whistleblowers have the following options for establishing contact, which must be used responsibly:

In the event of conflicts with our core values and principles of conduct in the ethics management system which an employee in the Group is not able to personally evaluate, Bauer encourages its employees to contact established points in the company on a trusting basis to maintain an open company culture, for instance the competent line manager, compliance officer and the Internal Audit. Third parties can also centrally contact the  

Internal Auditof BAUER AG, phone +49 151 195 367 23, e-mail:

Open communication is encouraged within the BAUER Group, which means that anonymous tips are not followed up on these channels as a rule. However, the whistleblower’s interest in protecting their anonymity will be given consideration.

Employees and third parties who feel the need for a personal and confidential meeting before and during the reporting of tips also have the option of contacting the ombudsman for the BAUER Group.


The ombudsman is available as a contact person for topics which are more difficult to resolve within the Group due to their nature – these particularly include the areas of corruption and anti-competitive agreements. The ombudsman does not exercise any tasks relating to customer service (e.g. product complaints).

The role of ombudsman is exercised by an independent external lawyer. Whistleblowers can submit information by phone, in writing (e-mail, letter) or personally to the ombudsman:

Christian Pollin
Friedrichshofener Str. 12
85049 Ingolstadt
phone: +49 841 885407-0
fax: +49 841 885407-10

Tips are only accepted by the ombudsman if the whistleblower’s identity is disclosed. Anonymous tips are not a component of our company culture. If a whistleblower desires confidentiality, the ombudsman will only forward the submitted facts to Bauer, yet will treat the whistleblower’s name and identity as confidential. Confidentiality is guaranteed by the lawyer’s professional obligation of secrecy and the lawyer’s right to refuse to give evidence as well as a contractual agreement.

Bauer does not tolerate acts of retaliation against whistleblowers. Violations against this prohibition are also sanctioned as regulatory violations.


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