Our History – Founded on deep roots

A history going back more than 230 years. Unique, full of emotions and traditions. A family business with values that are lived fully and passed down. Starting with the small craft business in 1790 and the development of specialist foundation engineering – the core area of expertise – all the way to an internationally operating company that is now represented by the three segments Geotechnical Solutions, Equipment and Resources. Let’s look back together at our deeply rooted history. 

Milestones of our history

1790 Sebastian Bauer acquires a coppersmith’s workshop in the center of Schrobenhausen

1840 Copper cladding for the roof of St. Jakob's church tower in Schrobenhausen

1902 Artesian well for the water house of the Schrobenhausen train station 

1928 Dipl.-Ing. Karl Bauer (1894-1956) constructs the central water supply system for the city of Schrobenhausen

1948 Operations move to Wittelsbacherstraße, water well construction and water supply across Bavaria

Dr. Karlheinz Bauer

Dr. Ing. Karlheinz Bauer

When Dr. Karlheinz Bauer (born 1928) joins the company in 1952, specialist foundation engineering begins and with it the company's upswing.

1952 The company gains Dr. Ing. Karlheinz Bauer (born 1928), specialist foundation engineering begins and thus the company’s upswing

1958 Invention of injection anchor on the site of broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk in Munich, the anchor is patented

1967 Construction of workshops on Pöttmeser Straße

1969 Bauer starts manufacturing equipment, the first piece of machinery is the anchor drilling rig UBW 01

1972 Construction of new administrative building on Wittelsbacher Straße 

1976 Bauer manufactures the first BG 7 drilling rig in Schrobenhausen

1982 Prof. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Dipl.-Kfm. Thomas Bauer (born 1955) joins the company in its seventh generation

1984 New assembly hall for equipment and first trench cutter for walls up to a depth of 80 meters

1986 Prof. Dipl.-Kfm. Thomas Bauer takes over management and expands on the internationalization of the BAUER Group

1989 For the first time, Bauer presents at its own stand at Bauma, the world’s largest construction equipment trade fair, in Munich

1990 BAUER und MOURIK Umwelttechnik GmbH is founded

1990 200-year anniversary of the company

1992 Founding of SPESA Spezialbau und Sanierung GmbH and takeover of SCHACHTBAU NORDHAUSEN GmbH

Bauer at Bauma trade fair

Bauer exhibits at Bauma

In 1989, for the first time, Bauer presents at its own stand at Bauma.

1994 Founding of BAUER Aktiengesellschaft as a holding company

1998 Takeover of KLEMM Bohrtechnik GmbH

2001 BAUER Maschinen GmbH becomes an independent company

2001 purchase of EURODRILL GmbH

2002 New halls and extensive outdoor premises for BAUER Maschinen GmbH in Aresing

2004 Takeover of majority in PRAKLA Bohrtechnik GmbH

2006 BAUER AG goes on the stock market on July 4 | on September 18, BAUER AG is admitted to SDAX

2007 Founding of BAUER Resources GmbH and thus a new strategic orientation with the three segments Geotechnical Solutions, Equipment and Resources


2008 September 22: BAUER AG is admitted to MDAX

2008 New construction of administrative building in Schrobenhausen and Edelshausen plant of BAUER Maschinen GmbH

2008 Expansion of equipment manufacturing capacities in Aresing and Nordhausen along with Tianjin and Shanghai, China

2009 Bauer Resources acquires the majority in Site Group, Jordan

2009 Largest investment program in the company’s history is concluded: Grand opening of new administration building in Schrobenhausen, opening of Edelshausen plant and commissioning of equipment manufacturing plant in Conroe, Texas

2010 September 20: New classification of share in the SDAX

2010 Anniversary 25 years of cutting technology

2011 The first deep drilling rig is sent to South America 

2011 Design of an underwater drilling rig and successful use near Scotland for a tidal power plant turbine

2012 The mark of 10,000 employees worldwide is exceeded for the first time

2013 Bauma Innovation Award for Bauer’s underwater drilling method

2013 foundation work for the Lakhta Tower and the Jeddah Tower – the future highest buildings in Europe and the world

2019 Bauer cutting technology reaches a new depth record of 251.4 m during a project in Canada

Largest reed bed sewage treatment plant in the world

Largest reed bed sewage treatment plant in the world

In Oman, Bauer purifies contaminated water from oil extraction in the Nimr oil field.

2020 Start of diaphragm wall work for the major project 2nd trunk line in Munich

2020 Bauer looks back on three successful decades of environmental services and mixer technology

2021 Bauer operates world’s largest reed bed treatment plant for 10 years in Oman

2022 Employee donation campaign: Bauer donates 100,000 euros for Ukraine

2022 Bauer receives multiple orders for the major project NEOM in Saudi Arabia

2023 Schachtbau Nordhausen celebrates its 125th anniversary

2023 Prof. Dr. Bastian Fuchs succeeds Prof. Thomas Bauer, who retires from the company, as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BAUER AG