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Year after year, we train numerous young people in many different professions. Seize the opportunity for yourself and take advantage of individual support in an international working environment with a range of prospects for ongoing education and development. Learn about our training professions and apply online with cover letter, CV and current reference.

Training professions at Bauer

Clerk for forwarding and logistics services

Clerks for forwarding and logistics services plan and organize the national and international shipment of goods - from small screws to large rotary drilling rigs.

Construction materials inspector

Construction materials inspectors examine soils, construction raw materials and binders, but also contaminated sites and recycled materials. To do this, they take samples, carry out measurements and tests, and document the results.

Cutting machine technician

Cutting machine technician use CNC machine tools to produce precision components by means of cutting processes such as turning, milling, drilling or grinding. They set up the machine programs and monitor the manufacturing process.

Design mechanic

Design mechanics produce steel and sheet metal structures for our special civil engineering machines. With the help of manual or mechanical processes, they manufacture individual components from sheet metal, profiles or pipes in order to assemble them.


Draftsmen implement the design sketches and specifications of civil engineers and use CAD programs or 3D programs to create true-to-scale drawings and plans for our special civil engineering work.

Electronics technician energy and buildings

Electronics technicians specializing in energy and building technology plan electrotechnical systems. On our construction sites, they take care of the energy supply and infrastructure. They install systems, put them into operation, maintain or repair them.

Electronics technician equipment and systems

Electronics technicians specializing in devices and systems manufacture components and equipment, especially for our special civil engineering machines. They install and configure the systems and maintain them.

Industrial clerk

In their varied day-to-day business, industrial clerks take care of commercial and business management tasks in departments such as materials management, sales, human resources and accounting.

Industrial mechanic

Industrial mechanics manufacture assemblies for our special civil engineering machines and then assemble them. They also take on repair and maintenance tasks for our equipment.

IT specialist for application development

IT specialists for application development develop and program their own software applications for all areas of our group of companies. They train users and offer help with software problems.

IT specialist for system integration

IT specialists for system integration plan and configure IT systems. They are responsible for our company's hardware and software and support our employees at the sites in IT matters.

Mechanic for agricultural and construction machinery

Mechanics for agricultural and construction machinery maintain vehicles, machinery and equipment as well as power tools. They diagnose faults in mechanical, hydraulic and electronic systems and determine the causes of malfunctions.

Office management clerk

Office management clerks organize and process a wide range of commercial activities in areas such as order processing, procurement, accounting and personnel management.

Process mechanic for coating engineering

Process mechanics for coating technology apply paints and other coating materials to wood, metal and plastic surfaces. They operate, monitor and maintain and maintain the relevant equipment and systems. They plan the work processes and carry out quality controls.

Technical product designer

Technical product designers specializing in machine and plant design are involved in the development of our plants and machines. In cooperation with the design department, they create 3D models for components and assemblies.

Warehouse logistics specialist

Warehouse logistics specialists are responsible for all logistical processes from goods receipt, storage and order picking to the loading of trucks and containers, including load securing.

Training on the site

Construction equipment operator

Construction equipment operators operate construction machinery such as drilling rigs, bulldozers or excavators for use in civil engineering. They also transport construction equipment to the construction site, where they set it up and secure it. They also carry out maintenance work and inspections independently.

Specialist foundation engineering technician

Specialist foundation engineering technician create foundations with particularly high load-bearing capacity, e.g. for bridges or high-rise buildings. They take and analyze soil samples, drill and install anchoring systems using special construction equipment and construct foundations for large structures.


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