Extraordinary General Meeting of BAUER AG approves capital increase

Schrobenhausen, Germany – The Extraordinary General Meeting of BAUER Aktiengesellschaft today voted with the required majority to approve the agenda item up for resolution, thereby supporting the proposal of the management.

Now the fundamental prerequisite is fulfilled for the planned capital increase to be implemented within the planned conditions. The company’s share capital is to be increased from its current value of EUR 111,186,566.80, divided into 26,091,781 no-nominal-value bearer shares, by up to EUR 74,124,374.99 against cash contributions by the issue of up to 17,394,520 new no-nominal-value bearer shares in the form of common shares (with voting rights). The shareholders are hereby granted the statutory subscription rights.

As already announced, on the side of the main shareholders, Doblinger Beteiligung GmbH, which currently holds 30% of shares and voting rights according to the last voting rights communication, has declared its willingness in participating in the capital increase to a significant extent.

SD Thesaurus GmbH, a company in which Ms. Sabine Doblinger has significant holdings, committed under a subscription and purchase agreement to acquire all new shares that are not obtained by other shareholders within the scope of their subscription rights at the purchase price up to a maximum total amount of EUR 70 million.

The Executive Board has no information as to whether and to what extent the Bauer family, which currently holds 36.03% of the shares in BAUER AG, will exercise its subscription rights as shareholder in the course of the capital increase.

Subject to the approval of the Supervisory Board as well as all approval authorities, the subscription phase is planned to begin in December 2022, and it is anticipated that the placement of the shares will be carried out in January 2023.

As part of his presentation, Michael Stomberg, CEO of BAUER AG, reported on the planned capital measure as well as on the ongoing 2022 business year and the difficult economic and political conditions. “We are pleased that the General Meeting has approved the capital increase, which now allows us to strengthen our equity base to achieve our goals for the coming years.”

Christopher Wolf
Head of Group Communications & Marketing

Investor Relations