"No progress without change": BAUER AG looks back on an intensive year

Schrobenhausen, Germany – Every year, the days leading up to the turn of the year provide an opportunity to pause and look back on the past months. What was good? What could we have done without? Peter Hingott feels the same way. "Whether it's inflation, high interest rates, the war in Ukraine or the escalation of the conflict in the Middle East, the problems facing the whole world are never-ending," reflects the Bauer Executive Board member. "Whereas in the past, individual isolated events often led to upheavals and changes, today we are confronted with numerous crises. This means that events intertwine, influence and reinforce each other. The next few years will continue to present us with major challenges, both as a society and as a company."

In addition to all external influences, the year was again characterized internally by many difficult tasks and changes for Bauer, including the capital increase, as a result of which the majority of the main shareholders changed. The Doblinger family became the new majority shareholder and Bauer was delisted from the stock exchange. At the end of October, the company had to fend off a cyber attack that resulted in the failure of the entire network. Prof. Thomas Bauer resigned from his position as Chairman of the Supervisory Board and left the BAUER Group. Last week, the company finally announced the composition of the Management Board of BAUER AG, following Florian Bauer's planned departure from the Management Board at the end of the year. 

"The year was incredibly intense," summarizes Peter Hingott, "but despite everything, I always had confidence that we could do it together. There was always a team that I could rely on 100%. I can't thank them enough for their great commitment, even though we certainly demanded a lot from some of them."

And what about the future? "We will end the year well despite the challenges of the cyber attack. This gives us a positive start to the new year," says Hingott. With the new majority shareholder, the company has every chance of shaping a successful long-term future. "Of course things will change, will have to change. But change is not a negative thing – there is no progress without change, and we need this as a company. I am convinced that Bauer is on a very good path and that the framework conditions are in place for a long, successful future."

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Peter Hingott, Executive Board Member of BAUER AG
Peter Hingott, Executive Board Member of BAUER AG
Brownfield remediation project on the site of the Berlin-Schoenefeld airport
Brownfield remediation project on the site of the Berlin-Schoenefeld airport


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