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Peter Hingott

Executive Board


Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH) Hartmut Beutler

Executive Board


Prof. Dr. Bastian Fuchs

Chairman of the Supervisory Board


Geotechnical Solutions

Injection work with a sea view

Situated in the middle of the North Sea and around 50 km from the mainland. To ensure that Germany's only island Helgoland remains accessible in the future, Bauer was com­missioned with safeguarding measures on the southern breakwater of the harbor – and this over a length of 70 m.



Major project in Saudia Arabia

Sustainable tourism at the Red Sea: A new recreation area that will combine nature, culture and adventure. Bauer constructed piles for several bridge structures as part of this major project – including the construction of 87 offshore piles.


Execution of an excavation pit in the Mainmetropolis

In the immediate vicinity of the Frankfurt Trade Fair, our experts constructed foundation piles as well as a two-phase diaphragm wall. These form the basis for the construction of a 123 m high skyscraper with a four-story underground parking garage.


Deepest bored piles of Vienna

Deep, deeper, deepest: In the heart of Vienna, Bauer constructed around 35,000 m of bored piles for the expansion of the U2xU5 line crossing. But not just any bored piles, at 61 m they were the deepest in the city of Vienna.


Cut-off wall rehabilitation at the Dead Sea

112,000 m² of cut-off wall were constructed directly at the Dead Sea over a length of 4.2 km and down to a depth of 30 m to upgrade large earth basins for potash extraction. The challenge here: the soil, which consists largely of salt.



The new BAUER BG 23 H: Compact and powerful

Our newly developed BG 23 H compact version successfully completed its first practical application on an urban construction site in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin.


Dynamic Soil Compaction with a BAUER MC 96 duty-cycle crane

For the construction of a new water reservoir in the desert of Ra’s al-Chaima, one of the seven United Arabian Emirates, an MC 96 duty-cycle crane equipped with innovative assistant systems was being used.


World first: BAUER Cube System

Whether above or below ground, the electrically driven cutter system in container dimensions opens up completely new application possibilities in the construction of diaphragm walls.


eBG 33 – the drilling rig for an electric future

With a drive power of more than 400 kW, the first electrified drilling rig from Bauer falls in the mid-range segment of the drill rig series. It thus covers a very wide range of possible applications on the construction site.



Groundwater treatment with green core

Since 2014, the innovative EcoVert® technology has been used by the Bauer Umwelt division on the site of the old refinery in Leuna to clean around 500 m3 of contaminated groundwater every day – and in a purely biological way. The result: extreme electricity savings and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.


Replacement boring in Magdeburg

Where Magdeburg's valve history was once written, Bauer Umwelt prepared the ground for a successful new start. Around 5,600 m3 of soil was excavated and roughly 3,350 m3 of contaminated material was replaced to a depth of 9 m.


44 geothermal probes office building

For the energy-efficient rehabilitation of an office building, Bauer Resources constructed a geothermal heat supply system in the southern Hessian town of Eschborn. For this purpose, a total of 44 geothermal probes were installed to a depth of 110 m using the flush drilling method.


Largest reed bed treatment plant in the world

In the middle of a desert landscape, BAUER Nimr LLC has been operating the world's largest commercial reed bed treatment plant for the treatment of oil-polluted water in Oman for more than ten years. It is significant not only because of its gigantic area of 13.5 km2, but also because of its particularly sustainable mode of operation.


Bridge rehabilitation in Verden

Until 2025, the Aller Bridge in Verden will be rehabilitated piece by piece by SPESA Spezialbau und Sanierung GmbH in cooperation with SCHACHTBAU NORDHAUSEN GmbH and supplemented by replacement structures. About 7300 m³ of concrete and approx. 900 t of reinforcing steel will be installed.



Head office Schrobenhausen

The head office of the BAUER Group is located in the Bavarian town of Schrobenhausen.


Head office

Many events are held on the grounds of the headquarters, including the BAUER Maschinen Group's in-house exhibition, which attracts numerous national and international guests.


Plant Schrobenhausen

The factory premises in Schrobenhausen are located close to the head office.


Plant Aresing
Plant Edelshausen
Plant Schachtbau Nordhausen

Schachtbau Nordhausen has been part of the BAUER Group since 1992. The company is active nationally and internationally in mining, plant engineering, mechanical engineering and steel construction.


Plant Klemm Drolshagen

As a pioneer in the market, KLEMM has played a decisive role in the development of anchor drilling technology over the past five decades. This has resulted in a technological lead from which customers worldwide benefit.


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