Press Release

A successful Customer's Day at BAUER Deep Drilling GmbH

Schrobenhausen – In October, the newly founded BAUER Deep Drilling GmbH, a subsidiary of BAUER Maschinen GmbH from Schrobenhausen, Bavaria, invited to a Customer's Day, where it presented the new deep drilling rig TBA 440 M2. About 100 guests from all over the world, among them prospects from Dubai, Australia and Venezuela, met in Edelshausen. Most of the visitors were executives from drilling companies in oil, gas and geothermal energy industry. Operating companies such as Stadtwerke Muenchen (public utilities) were also present.

BAUER Maschinen Group, a global market leader in manufacture of special foundation equipment, has expanded its product portfolio with deep drilling rigs. The first Bauer deep drilling rigs, TBA 200 and TBA 300 were presented in 2009. The rigs with drilling depth of up to 5,000 meters are used for winning geothermal energy, oil and gas exploration and drilling of production wells.

Customer's Day at BAUER Deep Drilling GmbH

The new TBA 440 M2 – just like its predecessor, TBA 300/440 M1 – is a modular system with a hook load of up to 440 tons and with efficient and compact transport units, which saves site costs due to its compact dimensions. With these rigs it is possible to execute vertical and extended-reach drilling up to the depth of 7,000 meters.

Beside its automated vertical pipe handling system, the TBA 440 M2 convinces with its 2,000 HP drawworks, a 500 ton electric top drive, modern hands-free technology and the latest automated systems. Furthermore, it is equipped with an integrated walking system enabling flexible steering modes for moving the rig – even fully assembled with loaded pipe storage system.

One further piece of equipment in deep drilling technology is the universal drilling rig RB T-90 by PRAKLA Bohrtechnik GmbH, also a BAUER Maschinen GmbH subsidiary. The rig was specially designed for rescue drilling after mining accidents. The most distinguishing feature of the RB T-90 is its astonishing mobility. Mounted on a truck trailer, it can be quickly transported to where it is needed. Its maximal hook load is 90 tons, the maximum depth is 3,000 meters.