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Kofi Annan presents Global Water Award 2011 to BAUER Water

BAUER Water GmbH

Berlin - The Global Water Awards Ceremony 2011 was held on 18th April 2011 at the Global Water Summit in Berlin. The innovative reed bed treatment plant, designed and built by the Bauer Resources subsidiary BAUER Water and treating around 45,000 m³ of oil-contaminated water daily in Oman, surpassed three other shortlisted projects and was awarded the first prize for the most impressive technical achievement in the category ‘Industrial Water Project of the Year‘. The keynote speaker was the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan who also presented the awards.

On accepting the prize from Kofi Annan, Dr. Roman Breuer, responsible Project Engineer of BAUER Umwelt GmbH declared: „We are extremely delighted to receive this award as the entire team of BAUER Umwelt GmbH has worked tirelessly during the last four and a half years towards the success of the project.“ He was accompanied by Peter Hingott, Manager of Bauer Resources Environment Division, Joachim Huth, Management Board member of BAUER Water GmbH and Wolf-Dieter Rausch, Planning Engineer of BAUER Nimr LCC.

Congratulations were also offered by Dr. Michael Bornmann, Management Board member of the German Investment and Development Corporation (DEG): „We would like to offer our sincere congratulations and are pleased that this project, which is exemplary in terms of environmental and development policy, has gained recognition in this way.“ The reed bed treatment plant was financed with the support of DEG and the project was nominated by the World Business Council of Sustainable Development (WBCSD) of Geneva.

Since 28th November 2010, exactly two years after the day of contract award by the client, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), the so-called produced water flows from the near-by Nimr Oilfield into the largest commercial reed bed treatment plant in the world with an area of 235 hectares. The plant is currently treating around 45,000 m³ of contaminated water every single day achieving a level of purification in excess of 99.5 percent. A few days ago, Petroleum Development Oman also finally confirmed that the existing contract is to be expanded to twice the water quantity. In future, the plant is to treat 95,000 m³ of contaminated water per day. In addition to this extension, the project does further justice to its environmental mission by producing part of the construction material required for the extension by cleaning oil contaminated soils from the oilfields.


Presentation of the Global Water Awards 2011 in Berlin: (from left) Simon Karam (Sarooj Construction Company), Kofi Annan, Dr. Roman Breuer (BAUER Umwelt GmbH), Wolf-Dieter Rausch (BAUER Nimr LCC), Badar Al Sharji (Petroleum Development Oman), Joachim Huth (BAUER Water GmbH) and Peter Hingott (Bauer Resources Environment Division).

(Picture by courtacy of Global Water Intelligence)