Ductile Pile

The BAUER Ductile Pile is a simple, fast and highly effective deep foundation system. The industrially pre-fabricated piles from high-strength ductile cast iron guarantee high quality and a safe foundation. To install the foundation the pile sections are joined to a pile shaft of any length without using special tools and then driven into the soil. Depending on prevailing soil conditions, the pile is constructed either as end-bearing or as skin friction pile.

The piles can be installed on site almost vibration free by using a hydraulic rapid impact hammer.
Depending on how much load has to be transferred different pipe diameters with the relevant wall thicknesses are available for the pile installation.

The BAUER Ductile Pile is an uncomplicated and economic solution for all foundation problems which can occur at the construction of buildings, bridges, dams and pipe lines.

The End-Bearing Pile (ungrouted) Details

The Skin Friction Pile (grouted) Details

BAUER Ductile Pile brochure


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