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Welcome to BAUER Resources GmbH!


BAUER Resources GmbH is the third and most recently established segment within the BAUER Group, after the Construction and Equipment segments. It is the holding company for a group of companies under which its subsidiaries such as Bauer Umwelt, Bauer Water, Esau & Hueber, German Water and Energy Group (GWE) and Site Group act as individual full-service providers.

Bauer Resources is organised into regions and focuses on international projects. Its regional management has access to competence centers, a pool of expert knowledge in the areas of water treatment, process and biotechnology, remediation and waste management, drilling technologies and well drilling as well as exploration of geothermal energy. They pool its know-how and support the operative companies with technical solutions.

Bauer Resources does not only have highly-qualified personnel, but also uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment. It is able to call upon the extensive experience of its civil engineers, environmental engineers and technicians, geologists, geo-ecologists, mechanical engineers, industrial engineers, chemists, process engineers, mineralogists and well-building experts.


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