Exploration and Mining

For more than 10 years, Bauer plant and equipment has been deployed both during the initial exploration and subsequent development of mines. For this purpose, plant and equipment used in specialist foundation engineering and water well construction is adapted to the different requirements of exploration and mining operations. New machines and components are frequently developed to enable us to optimise the plant and equipment for the challenges and requirements of this industry. All such developments are, however, always based on the extensive experience gained over many years in specialist foundation engineering.

Our clients are large multinational mining corporations, such as Rio Tinto, BHP or DeBeers, but also numerous smaller exploration companies and mine operators.

To date, Bauer plant and equipment has been deployed in the most diverse climatic conditions in connection with the exploration of coal, diamonds, iron ore, gold, uranium, kaolin, manganese, zinc, oil and gas. Bauer plant and equipment has also been used in the field of renewable energy (installation of large monopile foundations for offshore wind parks, geothermal energy).

The techniques used comprise primarily: drilling boreholes up to 500 mm in diameter; rotary drilling technique for boreholes in excess of 1000 mm in diameter and depths of up to 100 m carried out by Bauer BG rotary drilling rigs; diaphragm walling technique for cut-off walls.

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Exploration und Mining